IT & Web Solutions

GateMaster provides end-to-end IT consulting and development services specializing in custom IT solutions and contracting in a high-security environment. From consultation to implementation to training and support, GateMaster will develop custom software for your business with a focus on flexibility and security. We have over 20 years of experience working with secure data provisioning in the property management sector. Whether you need an existing feature enhanced, custom integration with external software, or a completely new IT solution, GateMaster will meet and exceed your expectations.


IT End-To-End Service

Clients prefer GateMaster’s IT end-to-end service because all the development work is done in-house. GateMaster also provides full support for everything that it builds. Our development team builds software solutions from the ground up in our high security clearance environment and whether it is web based or standalone technology the project scope is mapped, tracked and smoke tested from inception to final release to ensure you are getting what you expect.

No matter how innovative, complex, technical or specific your programming language requirements are, our team can deliver.

GateMaster’s IT consulting specializes in:

  • Interactive web development
  • Database modeling and development
  • Data analysis design and implementation
  • Stand-alone application software programs
  • Customized interface applications
  • In-house, on-going system technical support
  • System integration and migration
  • Learning Management Systems: selection of new platforms, implementation and administration
  • Scientific and Technical Writing and Editing
  • Instructional development / Advanced instructional technology
  • Training media and software for business and technology

All done in a high security clearance environment to ISO equivalent standards.


Does your website attract and keep visitors?

With more time spent online per person every day than ever before, your online presence is likely to also be your first impression. Visitors to your website decide within seconds whether to stay or leave. In those few seconds, the design and apparent ease of use of your website play critical roles in the visitors’ decision. Websites that successfully overcome this hurdle must then present relevant content that is concise and easy to access. Does your online presence meet these criteria?

GateMaster’s team of skilled developers will update your existing website or build a new site from scratch to ensure your organization, product or service is effectively represented to your online market. Specializing in fully responsive websites, GateMaster also provides a range of services for any budget. Call today to speak to a friendly representative about how GateMaster can help you.


Automated Decision Making

GateMaster has developed specialty skills and technology applicable to multiple possible projects in the area of decision making technology.

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Purchasing departments
  • Contractors working on tenders
  • and much more

Designed to handle logistics challenges requiring complex decisions difficult for human beings to handle, our decision making software is already being used within the property management industry to perform automated screening of tenants based on disparate information sources and landlord-specific criteria.

If you have a requirement for consulting, custom software development or advanced decision making software, Contact GateMaster Inc to learn how we can help.